OTO General Auditions for 2016 are Sunday, April 10. Email to sign up.

Auditioning for all roles for the following projects:

  1. Cosi (Everybody Does It) [PRINCIPAL RECORDING/FILMING MAY/JUNE 2016] – Pilot episode of a new web series, an original adaptation of W.A. Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte by OTO Artistic Director Katie Taylor. Dorian and Florian Bella are the poster children for purity at their suburban community college. When a cynical player and his reluctant best friend dare the Bellas’ hapless and equally virginal sweethearts to put them to the test, they find that maybe the Bellas are only so pure because they’ve never really been tempted. Androgynous goth/punk makeovers, a mediocre marching band and non-tragic gay romance drive this John Hughes-inspired circa ’90s production. Race and gender blind casting. Will adjust vocal lines as needed. We’re looking for strong singers, but excellent acting skills and chemistry with castmates are most important. Auditions for this production will require a screen test. Cosi is supported by funds from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art.
    Don Alfonso – 20s/possibly early 30s, male. Card carrying member of the trenchcoat mafia. One of the only students on campus who doesn’t go to church. Hates people, enjoys manipulating them. Usually winds up getting punched for it. Kind of a loser, but an intense and oddly attractive one.

    Pina (Despina) Holly – 20s, female. Art school reject – smart – lonely – snazzy dresser. Liberal politics. One of the only other people on campus who doesn’t go to church, hence her friendship with and hidden attraction to Don.

    Florian Bella – Early 20s, female. President of the Campus Chapter of True Love Waits. Conservative. Preppy. Extremely forceful and strong. Dating Greg Elmo. Expends a lot of energy keeping her brother down.

    Dorian Bella – Early 20s, male. Florian’s brother. Resembles a very wholesome and high-coverage Sears underwear ad. Gay and not all that deep in the closet – would leap out with twirling fiery batons in both hands if Florian wasn’t there to keep the door shut. Dating Farrah Endo.

    Farrah Endo – 20s, female. A sexy, boyish and slightly intimidating lesbian. Knows she’s gay, but doesn’t talk about it. Athletic and charismatic. Very careful.

    Greg Elmo – 20s, male. A jock. Gay, in the closet, not very smart, but genuinely nice. Keeps the men’s underwear pages from the Sears catalog in the spank bank.

  2. Two Yosemites: An Environmental Chamber Opera [LATE SEPTEMBER 2016] – world premiere of a one-act opera by composer Just Ralls, setting the 1903 meeting of President Theodore Roosevelt and conservationist John Muir in Yosemite National Park–described as the ‘most famous camping trip in history.’ The work is for tenor, baritone, 12 instrumentalists and a 6-12 member female chorus. The work also features multimedia presentations of photography and soundscape recordings.
    Theodore Roosevelt (tenor) – 45 years old. President of the United States. Rugged outdoorsman.

    John Muir (baritone) – 65 years old, energetic, indomitable. Famous conservationist.

    Female chorus and soprano soloist (SSA)

  3. Opera Cinema: Dada [NOVEMBER 2016] – OTO celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Dada art movement with a truly bizarre evening of live-soundtracked short films. Small ensemble cast, voice types TBD. 12-person chorus.