Opera Lab benefits artists developing creative new work that uses music to tell a story. Every OTO project lives in our Lab until it’s fully cooked and all funds have been raised, at which point it’s tagged and released into the wild to stagger around terrorizing an unsuspecting populace. Check our Events page for tickets and info!


Web series: Cosi fan Tutti (Everybody Does It)

OTO’s Opera Cinema Strike Force, creators of 48 Hour Film Project Audience Favorite Dick’s in Space, is developing the pilot episode of a new web series – an original adaptation of W.A. Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte by OTO Artistic Director Katie Taylor.

Dorian and Florian Bella are the poster children for purity at their suburban community college. When a cynical player and his reluctant best friend dare the Bellas’ hapless and equally virginal sweethearts to put them to the test, they find that maybe the Bellas are only so pure because they’ve never really been tempted. Androgynous goth/punk makeovers, a mediocre marching band and non-tragic gay romance drive this John Hughes-inspired circa ’90s production.

Cosi fan Tutti is supported by funds from the Regional Arts and Culture Council and Work for Art.



Outdoor Eco-Opera: Two Yosemites (by Justin Ralls)

OTO is proud to present the world premiere of this new work by composer Justin Ralls. Two Yosemites is about the 1903 meeting of President Theodore Roosevelt and conservationist John Muir in Yosemite National Park–described as the ‘most famous camping trip in history.’ Composed to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the US National Park Service this year, Two Yosemites aspires to connect people with the natural environment through music inspired by the beauty of nature.

More about Justin Ralls | More about Two Yosemites | Contribute via kickstarter!


In the Studio: Rachel Taylor Brown

A good recording takes resources, time and money, and the traditional means for non-mainstream recording artists to get these things have disappeared into the ‘sharing economy.’ This is the first project in OTO’s new effort to support the work of talented songwriters in every genre by inviting them to record an album through Opera Lab

“Rachel Taylor Brown — another great unknown” – Bob Boilen, NPR

“A cerebral, free-thinking talent that isn’t afraid to take chances and stir things up a bit. Somewhere, John Lennon is smiling. ” Gregory Robson, Absolute Punk

Hailed by critics as diverse as NPR, Popmatters, The Big Takeover and Absolute Punk, Rachel Taylor Brown has, over the course of nine albums, earned a reputation as a highly original, idiosyncratic artist, unafraid to take risks and provoke thought. She’s featured twice in the unusual and critically praised music compendium by the late Scott Miller, “Music What Happened?” Rachel will be recording her 10th studio album through Opera Lab.

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Opera Cinema: Dada

In the anti-tradition of Dada (“onlY NothINg is tRUtH!”), Opera Cinema: Dada collages together surreal film shorts with live opera singers, chorus, cabaret band, and sound effects. Nuns in rubber play accordions, cats howl on key, children dodge a woman throwing knives, and angels sing mockingly as boxes of sin try to pass through Heaven’s kitchen door. In proper celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Dada movement, Opera Theater Oregon’s Opera Cinema: Dada aspires to make no sense to viewers.